Super Bowl’s Afterglow

A lot of interesting things happened at the Super Bowl. The sheer enormity of the event caused some to forget their words, while others languished over poor word choices. Keeping with trends from past years, the event continues to dominate social channels and creates a sort of afterglow, a long shadow that is cast for days after the lights go out and perpetuated by the millions of fans who gather around the amazing content.

I’m attending a sold-out event tomorrow in Los Angeles put together by the great folks at Federated Media. Signal: LA represents FM’s first of what will hopefully be many local events focused on trends in digital marketing. Tomorrow’s event is right in the shadow of the Super Bowl, in fact – it will feature artist (and producer) Auspiciously, John Battelle and his team also included Huffington Post Co-Founder Arianna Huffington and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong on its line-up of speakers. Whether by luck or intuition, Signal: LA promises to be filled with content unrivaled in its timeliness. Watch this space for full wrap-up coverage of the event.

I hear there is an actual game played during the Super Bowl (you’d never know it with all the hype around the TV spots) and, in that spirit, congratulations to the entire state of Wisconsin for bringing it home.